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  Intel Perceptual SDK Hackathon

On Saturday 22.6. I participated in the Intel Perceptual SDK Challenge , the Hackathon working with Intel’s new device built by Softkinetic. My app caught the eye of the judges and I went home with […]

Jun, 24 · in c#,Kinect

  Coca Cola and Fifa interactive football

Probably my proudest moment until now this interactive football game was built for the FIFA World cup event by Coca-Cola. More than 12,000 fans past trough the exposition and an incredibly large amount of those […]

Jun, 24 · in portfolio

  F12 Berlinetta

I’m loving my new job at RTT AG, Munich Check out the project I’ve been working on http://www.f12berlinetta.com

Apr, 12

  West Labyrinth

I just finished this accelerometer game for iPad 1 made with Adobe Air. It’s a classic labyrinth game. The player has limited time to get the ball through the labyrinth and finish three progressively harder […]

Dec, 19

  3D trek catalog website

http://korakzasrce.rs This website was built for a large global pharmaceutical company, Actavis. It is a catalog of treks through nature around Serbia. Each trek is presented with it’s own unique model. A visitor is taken […]

Mar, 18

  Grand FB game

In this game you control a motorcyclist driving over dynamically generated terrain. The terrain keeps getting harder to cross and obstacles keep showing up faster and faster. Your objective is to last as long as […]

Sep, 10


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