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  DS Virtual Vision (Geneva)

The client DS Automobiles has released promo material on our work at the Geneva Motor Show. One of the first, if not the first Commercial Vive project in the world. I am very proud to […]

Jun, 12 · in VR

  Interactive fabric art installation

At Excite 2014 our company RTT, has become Dassault Systèmes’ 3DXcite. I have built for this show and for our creative agency, formerly know as INSTNT, an interactive installation. This pretty unique setup allows the users […]

  Monaco yacht show

The Fabric installation I made drew some attention and I ended up going to Monaco yacht show to set it up at the Fraiser’s VIP Superyacht lounge event. The Monaco yacht show is an event […]

Nov, 04

  Intel Hackathon

On Saturday 22.6. I participated in the Intel Perceptual SDK Challenge , the Hackathon working with Intel’s new device built by Softkinetic. My app caught the eye of the judges and I went home with […]

Jun, 24

  Coca Cola and Fifa

Probably my proudest moment until now this interactive football game was built for the FIFA World cup event by Coca-Cola. More than 12,000 fans past trough the exposition and an incredibly large amount of those […]

Jun, 24

  F12 Berlinetta

I’m loving my new job at RTT AG, Munich Check out the project I’ve been working on http://www.f12berlinetta.com

Apr, 12


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