Zagreb adidas event

My interactive football was played as part of the Adidas event in Zagreb. For more details about the game check the original post or check the video from this event by Galerija12+ and Pepermint.


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  1. […] Probably my proudest moment until now this interactive football game was built for the FIFA World cup event by Coca-Cola. More than 12,000 fans past trough the exposition and an incredibly large amount of those visitors played the game because it was on the main spot in the entrance. The game ran two days on the system without a hitch. The system was split into two machines. A Mac Mini machine with two PS3 Eye cameras was attached high above the stage with a projector. This machine used the cameras to detect special custom made infrared led emitters that visitors attached to their feet with Velcro. Two cameras were used with overlapping views so a player won’t obscure the emitter on his feet. The mini machine would than send the data by LAN cable to a command console down on the ground. This other machine would render the game as well as provide an administration panel for changing game speed, calibrating, changing game time etc. The game was optimized for multi-threading on the quad-core machine and this coupled with splitting the detection and rendering onto two machines provided excellent fluidity and allowed players to play the game of football the same way they would with a real ball. Number of players was limited to 6 simply because of the size of court. An intuitive marker was designed around players feet so they could be aware both that the system is tracking them and that it is doing it correctly. The game was also played this year in Zagreb at the Adidas event […]

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