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Interactive fabric art installation

At Excite 2014 our company RTT, has become Dassault Systèmes’ 3DXcite. I have built for this show and for our creative agency, formerly know as INSTNT, an interactive installation. This pretty unique setup allows the users […]

Jun, 08

Coca Cola and Fifa

Probably my proudest moment until now this interactive football game was built for the FIFA World cup event by Coca-Cola. More than 12,000 fans past trough the exposition and an incredibly large amount of those […]

Jun, 24

F12 Berlinetta

I’m loving my new job at RTT AG, Munich Check out the project I’ve been working on http://www.f12berlinetta.com

Apr, 12

West Labyrinth

I just finished this accelerometer game for iPad 1 made with Adobe Air. It’s a classic labyrinth game. The player has limited time to get the ball through the labyrinth and finish three progressively harder […]

Dec, 19

3D trek catalog website

http://korakzasrce.rs This website was built for a large global pharmaceutical company, Actavis. It is a catalog of treks through nature around Serbia. Each trek is presented with it’s own unique model. A visitor is taken […]

Mar, 18

Grand FB game

In this game you control a motorcyclist driving over dynamically generated terrain. The terrain keeps getting harder to cross and obstacles keep showing up faster and faster. Your objective is to last as long as […]

Sep, 10

Becks, Picture effects

Today I am representing my project from last year for Becks Serbia in collaboration with Marko. It uses wireless SD cards for cameras which connect to laptops with our application. Promo girls take pictures of […]

Jun, 29


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