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Famous quotes puzzle

Some of best games are both simple and educative. In this game you are asked to reassemble a famous quote in the shortest time. The quote explodes at the beginning and you have to put […]

Sep, 21

Personality type

This simple Adobe air game ran on laptops during parties and tested your personality type. You would collect/drag words of different colors into different spheres on a touchscreen. At the end, depending on your choices […]

Sep, 21

Custom wallpaper app

When you visit a promo site and play a couple of games it is a good idea to leave the customer with something tangible. This app allows the website guest to make their own custom […]

Sep, 21

Boxes memory game

This was a simple clone of a popular game where you have to guess how many boxes have fallen on stage. Once the timer starts boxes drop from top and you have limited time to […]

Sep, 21


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