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  Zagreb adidas event

My interactive football was played as part of the Adidas event in Zagreb. For more details about the game check the original post or check the video from this event by Galerija12+ and Pepermint.  

Mar, 13

  Spherical labyrinth

This project was designed with 3D written all over it. Presented on a holographic display it is a simple labyrinth game with twist. Instead of setting the labyrinth on a plane it is curved all around a […]

Jun, 29

  Quick reflex game

A simple very addictive game to test your reflexes. Press the button as fast as possible after the light turns green. Published on Marko’s website for Philip Morris via AS3

Sep, 21

  Red rush challenge

A racing game from last year, part of redrush.rs website via AS3

Sep, 24

  Christmas card

A laptop application that promo girls carried on parties for making Personalized Christmas Cards. You are asked to hang ornaments onto the Christmas tree and write a personal message. Once you are finished the cards […]

Sep, 21

  Famous quotes puzzle

Some of best games are both simple and educative. In this game you are asked to reassemble a famous quote in the shortest time. The quote explodes at the beginning and you have to put […]

Sep, 21

  Personality type

This simple Adobe air game ran on laptops during parties and tested your personality type. You would collect/drag words of different colors into different spheres on a touchscreen. At the end, depending on your choices […]

Sep, 21

  Custom wallpaper app

When you visit a promo site and play a couple of games it is a good idea to leave the customer with something tangible. This app allows the website guest to make their own custom […]

Sep, 21


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